That Beyond Fear

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Luis Chaves snapped awake from a disquieting dream.  He was sweating profusely.  He laid quietly for several minutes trying to remember.  Even though it was a relief for him to know it was not real, he could not recall any of it.

He threw back the covers and stepped naked onto the thick ecru carpet and walked into a large, beautifully tiled bathroom, turned on the shower head, and stood before a full length mirror.  Not bad, he thought, little fat, less to expose.  He ran his finger along a brick colored welt running from his left side to just above his navel.  Only one in twelve years, he mused, that was well ahead of the odds.  Now they had statistics for such odds, even analyses from computers.  My broker shows me charts from his great computer and how it all goes to make me rich.  Let them do what I do with a computer.  He drafted a weird image in his mind about how that might be and chuckled as he stepped into the shower.

When Ana heard the rush of water cease, she waited the prescribed five minutes then lifted the tray of orange juice, rice and beans, and café solo and shuffled down the hall to the bedroom.  She knocked and almost at once opened the door.

“Buenos dias, Don Luis,” she said.

Luis sat at a small table waiting, dressed in a silk robe.

“Buenos dias, Ana,” he replied.

Ana set the tray on the table and pulled open the drapes covering a wall of windows with a sliding glass door at one end.  Outside was a stone patio surrounding a swimming pool.

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  1. Excellent short story!! Quite brilliant. It “stays with you” – a true mark of excellence. I couldn’t stop reading!

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