Nostalgia & Memories

Trick or Treat in 1953

By J.A. Goodman There were unspoken rules to trick or treating in 1953 and I was already a seasoned veteran ...
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Spring Fishing

From the shore we must have looked like a cork bobbing between the waves, disappearing and reappearing again in the ...
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Written for his children and grandchildren I was born in White Bluffs, Washington on June of 1927. First, let me ...
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This story is an excerpt of one of my many memoir stories I wrote for my children as a record ...
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By Roland Howell An old man sat alone at a small table outside the village coffee shop. Each May, after ...
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The Swim

by Roland Howell He stood by the window looking out at the lake and the grey mist and drizzle. Morning ...
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13th Armored Division Highlights

Another Side By Robert Whelan Last month, I took a trip in a time machine. I went back to a ...
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by Roland Howell She hangs on the wall of my den, next to Louie, head back, mouth open in silent song, ...
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