Humorous Stories

Someone for Everyone

By Jim Cornell Brunhilda stirred the pot. “What the heck goes in this stuff?” she thought. It had been so ...
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A Pointless Story

“You know what Mollie? Skibootch and these guys talk a lot, but nothing gets said. It seems that Irish gentry ...
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The Shaggy Dog Saloon

“Hey Mollie. Another letter from Skibootch just went up by the dartboard. Hold on for a minute while I scratch ...
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The Road to Skibbereen

“Hey Mollie, McGuinty’s posting another letter by the dartboard. It’s addressed to him, Mick and Father O’Doul. Let’s go over ...
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The Circles of Skibbereen

“So, Get this Mollie, McGuinty snuck another letter by the dartboard without telling anybody. I just happened to see him ...
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The Powerhouse

“Hey Mollie, remember last week when I told you about Skibootch’s confession and all the vacation time he was going ...
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You Can Dress ’em Up

Once again after reflecting on Father O’Doul’s recommendation that he hurry home, Mick, in his usual dismissive manner,  just kept ...
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The Miracles at Galway

By Robert Whelan “Hey Mollie, come over here. It looks like McGuinty just got a letter from Skibootch and he’s ...
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Critter Conspiracy

by James Roddy I have a garden in my back yard to grow vegetables. I'm in competition with the critters ...
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The Magic Bells of Cork

by Robert Whelan “Hey Mollie, is that the phone I hear ringing? Could that be Skibootch calling from Ireland? Nah, ...
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