Drama Stories

Deliver Me From Evil

by J.A. Goodman Deliver me from Evil She was busy cleaning up after supper. The kids were watching TV in ...
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The Portrait

The wind blew gently tickling the old willow,making it sway and shiver. She stopped for a moment, looked up, and ...
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Lilli ran to catch the bus, camera bag that hung from her shoulder, bounced wildly at her side. Her large ...
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When the Athiest Challenged God

Steve was sitting on the hard wooden seat, waiting with the rest of his class for their professor to arrive ...
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For the Love of The Game

By Suzanne D. Meagher Two solitary figures approached each other on the broad sidewalk in front of the senior citizen ...
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The Little Woman

By J. A. Goodman It was a dreary day in May, a good time for spring cleaning. The kids were ...
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by Rafael Acosta My Story: An old Spanish guitar spoke of love and broken hearts as it's strings played a ...
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The Tamarind Tree

by Rafael Acosta Surrounded by cement, marbled memorials, crosses and angels, on top of a hill, stood a tamarind tree ...
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By Rafael Acosta O'Malley wiped down the countertop. It was early afternoon and the place was empty. That is with ...
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A Position of Trust

A true story Written by J. A. Goodman The noise of the door slamming ended my mother’s sentence before she ...
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