Reflection in 40 Words

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I have been engaged ever since my partner left, in helping to fulfill her dream. Simply put to: Love One Another.

She had it displayed on a plaque in our kitchen for all to see as our children grew up. It was her reminder to her family. Further, she was constantly reminding me that things revolved around US, not me.

When she left, her light went out. I was back again in the dark. I can’t see in the dark. I needed to restore the light that had gone.

I still do, but I am getting some of it back in small increments. Restoring it by actively seeking it. It comes slowly, but with sincere effort, light begins to glow brighter every succeeding day.

Of course I’m speaking metaphorically, but don’t we all. Metaphor is our connection to reality. Metaphoric expression comes in many forms. It illuminates our reality. It, in its own way, is how we understand, and a way we can begin to restore needed light.

Our needed light can be expressed in many forms. Writing and imagery are the most prominent. To that objective, I have focused my remaining years on finding ways to assist my brothers and sisters in doing likewise.

I have the good fortune to have children, who, like me, are far from perfect, but, like me, have good in them. That good can be realized by them, as is mine by me, through reflecting on the message contained in the 40 Word story highlighted by Matthew Kelly (whose name Matthew duplicates the recorder of the original quote).

Recording is an essential key to true expression. It is a key that requires effort and truth. Truth validates reality. It shows through, and is verifiable. Without truth there is no substance. In political expression, we refer to it as: Hot Air.

Allow me to illustrate true expression. The picture below is my example. Two of those same children I spoke about above, went back at a later time to revisit that same home where the Love One Another plaque hung in the kitchen. They were able to get permission to sit on the old front porch and reconnect with their mother. It took a little 21st Century technology, and photographic skill, but the image that resulted was their relighting of that message posted so many years ago.

Yes, a true reflection of Love One Another


Reflection in 40 Words


Here is a picture of Relighted Love. Two daughters and their mother taken at different times and merged later. Their mother was gone, but her two daughters revisited her. Love came back into view. It’s a message transmigrated through time.