It’s Skibootch Time

Introducing Skibootch!

SkibootchWho the heck is this guy and what is he doing?

The Skibootch stories are a modified compilation of stories originally written for a writing class at the Osher Institute of RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). 

I was bombing on my stories for the first few sessions, until one day I decided to use an old Jewish joke as a punch line and write a story that led up to it. It went well, so I tried it again – well again! 

Somewhere along the way, I realized that buffoonery was a great attraction, so I reached into my memory bank and dragged out my early life’s perceptions of my Irish relatives that seemed to parallel the buffoonery of my… READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE

And here is a bit more to explain how I came up with Skibootch in this story called “A Second Rainbow”.

And now, it’s time for Skibootch!

Learn all about the Cast of Characters read about the characters in the Skibootch stories HERE and how they came to be! 

Then read about some background that helped with the story setting and more in “The Second Rainbow”.





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