It’s Skibootch Time

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A Bunch of Stories

Before one can embark on understanding those around him or her, they must come to an understanding of themselves. To do that as effectively as possible in my view, one must see their true reflection. Skibootch was created to personify that reflection. He is a mirror. Not of glass, but of words.

Words that describe in humorous fashion, a revelation of underlying reality. Skibootch is all about faults. Skibootch has elements of simplicity, incredulity, and small increments of earthiness that could be labeled disrespect. They too, are part of daily living;

My concluding comment to this introduction is in reference to the authenticity of the name Skibootch. It is what my Granddaddy used to exclaim when I would fill his ear with nonsense. The same kind of nonsense that I, in my more earthy moments, would label: bullshit.

The Skibootch stories are a modified compilation of stories I originally wrote for a writing class at the Osher Institute of RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). When I wrote my first few stories I had no intention of using them as a vehicle to use to discover my own identity. It was more of a serendipitous evolution.

I was bombing on my stories for the first few sessions, until one day I decided to use an old Jewish joke as a punch line and write a story that led up to it. It went well, so I tried it again – well again! I had made a discovery. I quickly developed a few Jewish characters and created a series of continuing stories with basically the same theme.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that buffoonery was a great attraction, so I reached into my memory bank and dragged out my early life’s perceptions of my Irish relatives that seemed to parallel the buffoonery of my Jewish characters. These became central components of my story building.

Skibootch is a builder, too, in his own way. His way is building through errors. He doesn’t learn until he trips and falls. Even then he forgets what he has learned, until one day a light goes on, and his “aha” moment arrives. That usually occurs after he has finally written down his errors and their remedies. At that time he has created a single brick for his ultimate monumental structure, In Skibootch’s case it is a building for a power generator that turns bullshit into electricity. There is substantial evidence to support Skibootch*.

The bricks that Skibootch uses to build his powerhouse were formed with much difficulty. Each Skibootch adventure is one brick. A brick made of an experience. In his case what could be loosely labeled “human” experiences.

Skibootch is deliberately portrayed as a well-meaning, but somewhat inadequate participant in a very complex and confusing world. To sum it all up, I offer the phrase my centenarian Aunt used to describe me: ”He meant well.” It was her polite code for “He screwed it up again.” We all screw things up. It’s no disgrace. It’s part of the learning process. Another way to describe it is: “Experience.”

The Stories of Skibootch follow. They start with a series of Jewish humor jokes rewritten into stories. Albert Einstein, a famous Jew, once said: “Stupidity is a personal achievement which transcends national boundaries.” Skibootch’s adventures not only support that statement, but add touches of humor as well. The lesson he learns is “Be happy – Go lucky.”

From there on it’s all fun. Enjoy.