Hey, You Never Know

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The rural road was usually empty this early in the morning. She pulled up to the stop sign on her Harley ‘Hog’ and looked both ways before proceeding. She carelessly glanced at the tall young man standing on the corner, his arms folded in front of him while he casually leaned against the post marking the bus stop. He was staring at her with a silly grin on his face. She smiled back then drove on to her job in town.

canstockphoto22497475Next day, on the same dusty road, he was standing there again as she approached the stop sign. This time she smiled and nodded her head, he replied in turn and she drove away. The rest of the week, she noticed he was always standing there and she would acknowledge him first with just a nod, then she added ‘Hey’ with her nod, then a real ‘hello’ accompanied by, her nod. He would always reply in kind, adding his friendly smile to each greeting.

The next week she was disappointed because it was raining hard that Monday morning so she was sure that he would not be there. She still rode her motorcycle because that was her only means of transportation and she was prepared with the proper rain gear. As she turned onto his road, as she now thought of it, her heart gave a little skip when she realized that he was standing at the bus stop, soaking wet, but he was there. When she pulled up and stopped she smiled and said, “Hey, how are you doing?”

“Fine thanks, I’m just standing here enjoying the Seattle weather,” he replied with the same silly grin she was becoming fond of. He didn’t seem to notice the rain dripping off the brim of his baseball cap and pouring down the front of his wet shirt.
She laughed as she pulled away, he reminded her of an abandoned puppy.

The next day, she stopped and asked where he was going every day?
Just heading to work, new job” he explained. “I live just over that hill in a little cabin. How about you?”

“I live in a little apartment over a Chinese restaurant back a couple of miles. Well, see you tomorrow,” and she drove off.

“Count on it!” he yelled into the wind.

As the days marched on, their conversations continued getting longer.

They exchanged names and other tidbits of their lives until that one day when he wasn’t there. She looked toward where he had told her he lived, but he was nowhere to be seen. Disappointed, she continued to her destination. Wondering how this chance encounter had graduated to such importance in her life that his absence generated these feelings of sadness and loss.

The next day as soon as she turned the corner of his street she looked for him, but he was nowhere to be found. How, she wondered did his mere existence become so entwined in her feelings of well being?

On the third day, she was delighted to see his now familiar frame standing at the bus stop. She pulled up and with a smile and nod said “Hello stranger, where have you been the last few days”

“I fell at work and twisted my ankle, had to stay home a few days.”

It was then that she noticed the crutches he had used to get to the bus stop, they were laying on the ground.

“Are you going to work on crutches?”

“No” he laughed, “I’ve been pretty lonesome cooped up in my cabin, I thought maybe, well I wanted to invite you to my house for dinner some night. You don’t have to give me an answer right now, I just hoped you would consider it.”

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation, “I would love to have dinner with you. What can I bring?”

“Nothing, I love to cook, I’ll take care of everything. How about tonight?”

She smiled happily, “I’ll be there. How about 7 o’clock so I have time to go home and change after work?”

“Sounds wonderful, bring your appetite because I’m an excellent cook and I aim to impress you.”

And he did, so much so that the next year, they sent out their wedding notices saying:
‘Two lonesome strangers, Having met on a country road, Were blessed with the discovery, They had found each other at last.’

And they lived happily ever after.

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