Freedom Chicks

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In 2002 I found myself out of work and looking to reconnect with friends. I had accumulated a variety of friends from different phases of my life. Some were acquainted with each other, but many were not. I decided to invite them to my home to introduce them and see what they thought about perhaps forming a support group. I was thinking we could not only support each other, but perhaps our community by volunteering as a group.

Our first meeting was at my house. One by one, we went around the table and introduced ourselves and shared some personal information about our lives. A surprise to me was that each of my friends had experienced the death of a partner and were widows. So they quickly dubbed themselves the widows club. I was divorced, but they allowed me to remain in spite of that.

We took turns meeting at each other’s houses each month for potluck dinners. Sometimes we just chatted or played games and one time even gave ourselves homemade facials. At one of those get together’s, we formally adopted the name, “Freedom Chick’s”.

We traveled together to the Casino at Niagara Falls. We listened to Mark Twain as we cruised on the Harbor Belle. We attended a murder mystery weekend at the Riveredge Resort in the 1000 Islands.

We also looked into volunteering opportunities in our community. We helped Missing and Exploited Children when we volunteered for their fundraisers. We helped the city of Rochester by volunteering at the Lilac Festival.

We enjoyed attending the free concerts at Charlotte Beach during the summer months. Many times we would go early to grab a table for our snacks, then we would walk to one of the many restaurants in the area to have diner.

One time we were at LDR’s, a hot dog stand on Lake Avenue. Six of us were squeezed into a booth for four. We were being pretty noisy, having a good time laughing and chatting when a gentleman walked up and said, “You ladies are having too much fun, what’s the occasion? We quickly described our club and told him our name, The Freedom Chicks. He stated that he wanted to join our club. To which we replied, “we’re the freedom CHICKS!” To which he replied…”Fine, then I’ll start my own club and we’ll call ourselves The Freedom Dicks!” And he walked away.

For our 10 year anniversary, I asked each of the ladies to take a paper and at the top write down what they thought was their strength or how they thought other people saw them. Then, one at a time, write down each of our names and write down their thoughts ,regarding each one of us. I collected and compiled everyone’s answers and made up one sheet for each one in our group, framed it and gave it to them for Christmas. Sometimes it’s nice to know what other people think of you. It’s often a surprise.

Members have come and gone over the years. It seems harder to get everyone together as often as we used to. Some have welcomed new relationships, some spend winters in warmer climates, one member spends the summers at her lake house, one (Me) even spends the majority of her time writing mystery novels. We met the last time for Christmas at Val’s house in Hilton in 2016.

We can look back on many accomplishments, but most of all…we have become great friends and we had a lot of fun. So in conclusion, if you are lonesome, gather a few of your friends together and form a group of your own. Whether it’s to volunteer, share a meal or a laugh, you’ll be glad you did. Friends are indeed a treasure that should be shared and enjoyed.