Finding Fatherhood

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We honor America when we honor Fatherhood. An honor made possible by the loving actions of those who serve us. Those who go the extra mile for family. Those who are a fundamental part of Fatherhood. Not only the human version of Fatherhood, but a Fatherhood, that is universal and all-encompassing. A Fatherhood that brings and holds families together.

Honoring the sacrificial part of Fatherhood as it was undertaken by the Greatest Generation has been brought to a continuing life through the actions of all those dedicated to that honoring.

Dorotha and JoEllen Bender in Washington DC during last year’s Black Cat 13th Armored Division Reunion.

Most especially through the actions of a wife and daughter of a departed father. Actions which continue the honoring process. Specifically the actions of Jo Ellen Bender and her mother Dorotha who have been vital to the putting in place of family celebrations of Fatherhood, as demonstrated by the Veterans, alive and deceased, of the WWII – 13th Armored Division.

Where better to find Fatherhood than in family. In the family where Fatherhood is dedicated to the survival of family. Where Fatherhood there has proven itself over and over again.

We as 13th Armored Division Association members will be again gathering in New Orleans this coming September to celebrate our family-hood. Fatherhood and Family-hood have made our America an America. Dedication will continue it. Continuance, togetherness and support are vital components. Fatherhood and honoring Fatherhood and family takes care and work. May we encourage that honoring in all of our families.

The metrics of bringing the WWII – 13th Armored Division Family together are huge, and arduous. But, like the deep family aspects of Fatherhood, they are rewarding. As one of the two WWII Veterans in the picture accompanying the Message for the earlier Father’s Day story on this website, I speak for my buddy Arnold (shown with dad-arnoldme in the picture) and all of the other 13th Armored Division WWII Veterans, I speak to Jo Ellen and Dorotha, from the bottom of our hearts.

For all you have done.

Thank You…

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