Fatherhood: A Message for Father’s Day

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The “Greatest Generation” of WWII did not come about so much from heroism as it did from Fatherhood. Responsible Fatherhood. Loving Fatherhood. True Fatherhood. We all considered ourselves ordinary blokes who had a job to do, and did it. We didn’t go there because we wanted to, but because we had to. There was no choice. A great number didn’t enlist, they were drafted.

Irrespective of how that generation became involved in WWII, one thing stands head and shoulders over everything else – Fatherhood…

Fatherhood was being put to the test. Would it prevail or would it falter, or fail?

dad-arnoldYou know the answer. Here are two WWII combat veterans still with us pictured to the left.

We gather with as many of our families as we can every year. We celebrate America, Families and Fatherhood. Make sure that kind of Fatherhood continues after we leave. Put it at the top of your priority list. It will keep us free.

God Bless the America that honors its Fatherhood.