Seniors Ink does not retain any rights for story submissions to this website for online publication. Seniors Ink does retain the right to publish the stories submitted by authors on this website and other online venues. Seniors Ink will not sell stories to other entities. Seniors Ink does not charge for stories to be published on this website. We simply accept stories from people who have written something they would like to share and publish them on this website.

Seniors Ink exists to foster the sharing of the written works from Seniors who love to write and feel they have something to share. It is a place for writers with experience to have their articles available for others to read. 

To clarify:

  • Individual authors have ownership and copyright of their own works and all other rights, including publishing them separately or in a collection of their own work.
  • Submission of stories and other written works to Seniors Ink is voluntary.
  • There is no payment to authors of any kind.
  • Submission to Seniors Ink is taken to mean that all the listed authors have agreed that all the content they submit will be published online – on this website and/or on our Facebook and Medium pages.
  • Seniors Ink reserves the right to publish or not publish online the stories that have been submitted.
  • No monetary compensation is made or expected by any party, at any time.

Seniors Ink is for enjoyment only, for our readers and our authors. We do reserve the right to choose or refuse stories that our editors feel inappropriate. We are not into profanity, adult stories or writing disrespectful to anyone and we can decide if a story falls into one of those categories. Seniors Ink can decide NOT to use your story if it is deemed to be inappropriate  – we are into good, entertaining stories and promoting learning and growth.

Authors retain their copyright for stories they submit but that is no guaranty that someone will not plagiarize your material. Seniors Ink is not responsible for any instances where an author’s story or material is taken from this site and used without the author’s permission.

Authors are asked if they have read and agree to these guidelines EVERY time they submit a story for use on Seniors Ink. This means that they have read the above and understand it. We will not use a story that has not been voluntarily submitted to Seniors Ink.

If you submit a story to Seniors Ink, you agree to having it published on THIS website and shared on our Facebook page.

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