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SeniorsInk.comSeniors Ink – a place for writers with experience to “publish” their stories.

So much to say and yet so few places for people share. A friend asked for help publishing his writing somewhere. Online seemed like a good idea. My father wanted to share his stories too, and that was the beginning of SeniorsInk.com.

Anyone can be an author on SeniorsInk.com. As long as you have a story to tell, there is a spot for you. 

.After reading and agreeing to our Guidelines, authors can submit a story. In addition, authors can submit a photo and a brief bio to be used on a profile page if they desire to do so. Anyone can be an author Seniors Ink! Just write your story and share it here!

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Seniors Ink has a Facebook page too. When a story is posted, it is also shared on our Facebook page so that other folks can find what is shared on SeniorsInk.com.

Read our Guidelines for submitting an article or story. We’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “About SI”

    1. It is a place for seniors who like to write to “publish” or post their stories. The work is online for anyone to read. There is a suggested $5 donation to submit a story to cover the cost of running the site but that is optional. All works are the property of the author. Seniors Ink is just a place to have your written works appear online.

  1. Recently I cared for two adult children then they passed away.

    my last child age 43 had a brain bleed causing uncontrolled seizures.

    my life was in tragic and filled with ragging emotions anxiety filled days as days past by, I started writing poetry and it helped with healing through my grief journey. I wrote two grief books also nine other books on amazon. I’m a sixty five year old woman and a survivor in grief.

    I have been published in two different newspapers

    so far my books aren’t selling but hope someday they will pick up its very hard being a single woman dealing with so many tragedies

    my books are on Amazon

    I believe life throws curve balls which we must dodge
    although my life journey is lonely and a slight broken I choose to live life whatever comes my way

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