A Pointless Story

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“You know what Mollie? Skibootch and these guys talk a lot, but nothing gets said. It seems that Irish gentry are most comfortable with – drink and argument. So, as I’m just layin there scratchin a few fleas, I hear Mick and Skibootch goin at it.

Father O’Doul is sittin at the end of the bar talkin to McGuinty. Lemme tell you all about it.
I see Mick savoring his pint whilst his overburdened mind is relishing another nonsensical journey to oblivion. He was sitting there filling his thoughts with another ridiculous riddle. He says to Skibootch: ‘Brigit has even more faults than the number of angels you could fit on the head of a pin?’

So, unable to contain himself any longer he hits Skibootch with that old chestnut: ‘Tell me how many Angels can you put on the head of a pin?‘

Skibootch shouts out: ‘You ninny, you already know the answer to that – an infinite number. Why are you asking such a stupid question?’

‘You want to get on the same list as Brigit, do you? You surely know how to push the right buttons. My question contains some absurdities that need to be resolved or me brain will be forever in a state of turmoil, and if it is, you’re gonna to be one of the first to suffer.’

‘All right, all right Mick, don’t get so hot headed. The last thing I want to witness is any more of your turmoil. It is completely pointless. So, here is my suggestion. Let us contemplate for a moment the nature of your question. As I am able to understand that if an infinite number of angels can stand on the head of a pin, then surely the same number would be able to stand on its point as well. But the question is: ‘where is the point?’

‘Where is what point?’

‘I mean there is no point to your point. When you reduce the mathematical equivalent of the pinpoint it can never be brought to an absolute zero. Therefore the point is endless, and if it can never be determined, how the hell are you going to stand any angels on it anyway? There is no point for the angels to stand on and furthermore there is no point to your dumb question in the first place, right?’

“I’ll give you a point you can contemplate, you big bag of elephant gas,’ cried Mick as he grasped the handle of his pint. With that gesture, Father O’Doul entered into the fray and, sternly proclaimed: ‘So, the two of you. Point yourselves out the door and go home and make peace with whoever will have you, before I stick the point of this pin in both of you in the place where the sun doesn’t shine. You get my point?”

“You’re right Shaggy, I get the point, that whole story is pointless!”