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Seniors Ink – a place for writers with experience to “publish” their stories.

Seniors Ink is a website for seniors or anyone who loves to write. It began when my dad and a friend of mine began writing their own stories and wanted to share them. So we decided to share them online.

Writing can be a wonderful way to find a new direction after experiencing loss, and it’s a great way to share joy too. If you would like to submit your story, Seniors Ink is the right place for you!

Our Most Recent Story Submissions:

Deliver Me From Evil

by J.A. Goodman Deliver me from Evil She was busy cleaning up after supper. The kids were watching TV in ...
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Trick or Treat in 1953

By J.A. Goodman There were unspoken rules to trick or treating in 1953 and I was already a seasoned veteran ...
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Freedom Chicks

In 2002 I found myself out of work and looking to reconnect with friends. I had accumulated a variety of ...
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Photo Safari

A life changing experience/and an exercise of new words Over the years I had walked many miles in the local ...
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To harmony in the dawn of risen light Dispelling the fear of discordant night Sing and offer a cup of ...
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The Portrait

The wind blew gently tickling the old willow,making it sway and shiver. She stopped for a moment, looked up, and ...
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Spring Fishing

From the shore we must have looked like a cork bobbing between the waves, disappearing and reappearing again in the ...
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The Scent of Sight

I turn my face to sense your joyful light Such fragrance in that radiant sight A view of life embracing ...
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A Vision of Life?

Can vast amounts of sun and grass be absorbed and processed en masse by cows and sheep as they sleep ...
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Our Burgeoning Voices

Time grows our words They reside in admissions They subside in remissions They reveal you and me They resonate for ...
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A view of life provides naught, but to embrace thee and me Show us a love sublime that we share ...
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The Look

Eyebrow xxxxxSlybrow Unwrap xxxxxEntrap Marriage xxxxxCarriage Bob Whelan February 2017 ...
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The Pen of Irish Wisdom

I come from the land of the green And am so abnormally lean So flat and compressed Me back touches ...
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The Sound of Light

A table bare A comfortable chair Pictures spread Stories read Memories recalled Hearts enthralled Reflections bright A rustle of light ...
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Someone for Everyone

By Jim Cornell Brunhilda stirred the pot. “What the heck goes in this stuff?” she thought. It had been so ...
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Lilli ran to catch the bus, camera bag that hung from her shoulder, bounced wildly at her side. Her large ...
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When the Athiest Challenged God

Steve was sitting on the hard wooden seat, waiting with the rest of his class for their professor to arrive ...
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A Pointless Story

“You know what Mollie? Skibootch and these guys talk a lot, but nothing gets said. It seems that Irish gentry ...
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Anyone can be an author on As long as you have a story to tell, there is a spot for you. 

Send us a story to post on Seniors Ink. Authors can also submit a photo and a brief bio that is used on their own Author Page if they would like to. When their stories are sent in, they are added to their Author Page.

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Seniors Ink has a Facebook page. When a story is posted, it is also shared on our Facebook page so that other folks can find what is shared on


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